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I was born in 1954 in Barcelona, Catalonia, where I attended school. After graduation, I decided to become a sailmaker and moved to France, where I learned my trade. Later, I returned to Spain and worked on the sail loft of my family where I worked for over 20 years.

After that time, I moved to Mallorca, where I continued working in my profession. There I met a friend of my brother… and a couple of years later, we got married.

A few years later, my husband had to return to Germany for family and professional reasons. This was 25 years ago. Since then we live happily in Münster a beautiful city in Westphalia.

As an artist, I paint with watercolours, because they spontaneously merge themselves through their transparency and nature. This gives my pictures a natural character that goes very well with most of my motifs such as fruits, vegetables and flowers. My landscapes and maritime motives are more realistic, perhaps because I like them as they are and try to recognize the places I paint once finished.

When I paint, I do not have a defined theme, the light, the atmosphere and the seasons inspire me. I get motivated just by watching what’s outside from my studio window, and it doesn’t take too long to find motifs such as a bird, some flowers or fruits for painting. I also like to paint market scenes and streets. The movement of the wandering people, a nice business, a lonely road … but I also like to paint maritime motives, maybe because that’s what I know best.

There is a long preparation behind each of my pictures. I use to paint from photos because it rains in our area most of the time. I take my camera and take pictures. Later, in my studio, I make a selection of them, draw small sketches, do a composition and a light study and check the colour values, and if I like what I see, then I paint it.

Sometimes I need more time for preparation than for the picture itself, and sometimes I work spontaneously without thinking too much, but every time I paint; I put all my senses to work. Watercolour painting is a great occupation that challenges me and teaches me to see better and enjoy life.


FRANK WEB with his colours, TONI COUCH great compositions, Cheng-Kee Chee lost edges, MARY WHITE colour balance, John Salminen and, Thomas W. Schaller, DAVID BELLAMY perfect atmosphere, and many, many more


The artist at work

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